Solvency II

Melville is a keen advocate of Solvency II reform in the UK that includes easing the standard Solvency Capital Requirement for real estate:

Melville asserts:

  • Reform could free up insurers to help meet levelling-up ambitions

  • Institutional real estate investors’ entrepreneurial DNA has much to contribute with investments in productive capital throughout the cycle: a win-win with government that enhances policyholder protection by increasing investment into such capital and makes opportunities more equal across the UK.
  • The real estate industry must prioritise campaigning for this Solvency II reform.
  • Government, please listen, progress with the PRA and enable the industry to make this contribution – and deliver on the package of Solvency II reforms, that includes easing of the SCR for real estate, sooner than later.



Melville has worked with industry associations and other stakeholders in terms of responses to the 28 April 2022 HM Treasury Consultation Document.

26/7/22 British Property Federation : calls for reform of Solvency II regulation to unlock institutional investment into UK towns and cities and drive levelling up?

HM Treasury released on 28 April 2022 its Consultation Document:

Solvency II reforms for consultation.

John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, on 21 February 2022 helpfully signalled the prospects of ‘Solvency UK’ “making it easier for insurance firms to use long-term capital to unlock growth”…..”It’s time now to push ahead with this. The Government will publish a full consultation document in April, bringing forward detailed proposals, underpinned in turn by concrete supporting analysis.”


 John Glen’s reply to Theresa Villiers MP in this House of Commons debate on 1 February 2022:

Insurance Industry Regulation: 1 Feb 2022: House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou

stated "We are making progress. We are in deep conversations with the Prudential Regulation Authority and its actuaries on the way that the risk margin and the matching adjustments should be altered to release that additional capital. We are confident that progress will be made and we are also working closely with the insurance industry to see that that comes to pass."